I Feel a Blog Comin' On . . .

I love that my children are all so different.
Getting to teach them at home, just gives me more opportunities to see that.
I have serious ones.
I have helpful ones.
I have very imaginative ones.
I have ones who like to sing.
I have ones who like to talk.
I have ones who like time to themselves.
I have ones who like to be gone doing things.
I have ones who like to stay home.

And I also have ones like this . . .

Molly makes me laugh.
All the time.

The story:
We started school last week, and I have become more and more dependent on my reading glasses to get through the day. So when Earl was out last week picking up another pair of reading glasses for himself, I asked him to pick me up a chain for mine, hoping that it might relieve some of the stress of constantly needing them and not remembering where I had laid them down. Keeping them on top of my head was messing up my "doo". Sigh.

So today, during school, Molly asked if she could try on my glasses. And immediately the "old granny" imitations began. Sigh. "I don't look like that, do I, Molly??" She sweetly said that I didn't, but that they reminded her of a granny's glasses. Sigh . . . again.

Poor Earl.
He is not immune to this aging process either.
Last week while trying to pay for a haircut, the poor hair-cutter-guy was trying to be helpful and polite. After seeing all of the gray hair on the floor, he shyly asked, "You're not a senior are you?"

I am not at all disappointed at getting to this stage.
I'm rejoicing.
I feel blessed to have five children that I still have the strength and energy to mother.
I feel blessed to have a wonderful husband to grow "old" with.
I'm grateful to know that this life won't last forever, but that eternity is getting closer with each passing day. An eternity filled with the glorious presence of a loving and holy God who has covenanted with me to never stop conforming me to the image of His Son.
Seeing the limitations that my "aging process" has bestowed,
has made me all the more aware of my dependence -
my dependence on the Lord Jesus to be the strength in my weaknesses.

I just want to "age" in such a way as to not dishonor the Lord,
and to properly "adorn the gospel".

So, onward we go . . .striving for the prize . . . The Prize!


cute pics of your Molly. We started school this week....and wow, after day two, I took a nap this afternoon with Ashlyn. I have been worn out! My older 4 watched PBS & read library books on the couch during that time (I think).......but all survived and they came to wake me up at 3:00!

Many blessings on your days of schooling!

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