Louisiana - Misc. Activities

All too soon it was time to take down the laundry, say goodbye, and leave Louisiana
to continue on our journey.
But we had some wonderful times.

We spent a LOT of time trying to deal with the mildew problem in the back of our van.
An ice chest had leaked and we hadn't thought much about it, until it began to smell with the heat and humidity . . . causing us all to feel a little queasy.
So we spent our days in LA letting it dry, vacuuming it out, spraying and sprinkling all kinds of remedies back there, and using all kinds of air

One of the highlights . . . so funny . . . was our family trip to the Bass Pro shop there down the road.
Jan completely out shot everyone else at the shooting gallery (she boasted, but it was just beginner's luck!), and all the kids except Emily, bought a new cap rifle.

David had a great time trying all on of the different camouflage outfits!
Can you see him?

We spent a lot of time out back chasing and running and throwing and kicking and sitting and talking.

The day before we left,
we celebrated Emily's 12th birthday over at Sonya's house.
It was nice to have a houseful of family!

I have SOOOO many more pictures to post from our time in Louisiana, but alas, my goal was to be finished posting our whole vacation "memoirs" before school started and we've just completed 3 weeks of school. So, I need to scoot on posting the rest real fast and close out this grand adventure.

Louisiana family and friends . . . we love you and will be counting the days until our next visit!


Barbara said…
Great pictures and memories! Icky mildew. I just couldn't see David, though...

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