I found this great photography site today through another photographer I admire and the weekly contest sounded interesting.
I knew exactly which photo I wanted to enter.

(This is my Molly. She wanted to try on my glasses one morning during school and immediately the funny faces began happening. She is my "Molly of Many Faces" and she makes me laugh so often!)

Nostalgia . . . remembering something of long ago.

This photo seems to contrast youth and old age to me.
The pursed lips, squinty eyes, reading glasses . . .
a perfect "old lady imitation".

Yet the small, freckled face and wispy hair, belie the fact that this is "youth" and not "age".

Though the glasses are mine,
the photo causes me to long for my own grandma . . .
to watch her sew me something that I've asked her to make for my doll,
to watch her cook something that she was famous for in our family . . . peach cobbler,
to watch her read a story that I'd written and shower me with compliments,
to watch her read the paper on the couch with my grandpa,
to watch her as she drove that huge orange Monte Carlo and giggle as we told her "Grandma, your dragger is draggin'" . . . remember that stick that would stick out and scrape the curb if you got too close while parking???

Nostalgia . . . a precious use of precious memories.


Alice said…
what a great shot! i love the glasses and the sweet expression and, of course, the pursed lips :O). great entry!

thanks for visiting my Shadow of the Cross page and leaving such a sweet comment. God bless you this week :).
Erica said…
I love, love LOVE this photo! Makes me long for my own Grandmother...
Close To Home said…
this is super cute! i love her facial expression! ha!
I am still laughing as I type! that is hilarious. Great shot!!

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