Slip n' Slidin LA Style!

On one of our days in LA,
Earl told me to pick up a slip n' slide at Walmart.
We'll do, Honey!

It wasn't terribly hot and sticky yet,
but definitely good "outside-in-the-water" type of days.

As I took pictures,
I loved watching Jonathan's "tongue",
and the pure delight on his face.
They ALL were having a blast!

Don't you love these ideas that the dads come up with??
Earl thought that it would be a lot of fun to fling the kids down the slide.
Judging by the faces . . .who do you think is anticipating the most fun???

(The boys actually LOVED this!)

This is a true Jonathan expression.
Love it!

It was really fun.
We ended up making a mud hole.
So fun, that we left it at MaMa and PaPa's.

Sure wishing we had it here these days.
I think it's hotter and stickier than it was when we were in LA.

We had an unexpected shower here yesterday.
And speaking of showers . . .
(next post)


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