A Soul's Meditation

Psalm 3
My adversaries have increased.
Many around me are saying there is no hope in God for me.

I find myself saying,
"Yes, God can help, but . . . "

"Yes, He is strong, but . . . "
"I know He is sovereign, but . . . "

My enemies have robbed me of joy.

Yet the Psalmist does not go on and on with his complaint.
(And he easily could!)

He focuses his mind on and comforts his heart with the truth:

But You, O Lord . . .
are a shield . . .

the One who lifts my head . . .
(You) answered me . . .
sustain me . . .
have smitten all my enemies . . .
have shattered their teeth . . .
Your blessing is upon Your people!

Who will I listen to today?
My adversaries or my Lord?
I may have to fight to hear His voice amidst the voices without and within.
But fight I will.

Fight I must.

I have no other option.

Abba, Father!


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