Edited: While the parents are away . . .

. . . the actors will play!

We had a babysitter come over and stay with the kids on Monday
while we went out.
She is one of the young ladies from our church,
Bekka Wakabayashi,
and she has a lot of fun making movies.
The kids and her put together this cute video.

Thank you, Bekka, for all of your hard work Monday
and for helping to make it such a fun day!
(You deserve much more than the pair of socks we brought you! JK. No, I didn't mean you DIDN'T deserve more than the socks. Well, actually none of us deserve better than an old pair of stinky socks. And if truth be told, we deserve stinky socks that have been drug through the mire - a hundred times over - and then . . . oh, never mind.)
How did I get off on stinky socks???

Enjoy the video . . . (and forget about the socks. Just never mind.)
(Sorry about the poor quality. Something got lost in the transfer. But the original is AWESOME!!)


Linda said…
Loved it!! The kids were totally cracking up and all ready to do their own movie.

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