Annual School Photo Shoot

Ok, so today we headed off to the park
to take our annual school photos.

Some shoots go off without a hitch,
and others . . . well . . .

Hey . . . hello? Everyone look at the camera . . . hello???

Ok, good, now scoot in close and look here . . .

Where are you going???

Come back here! Right now!

(Guess I can't compete with a bullfrog.
Can you see him?)

(Neither can I compete with a VERY interesting ORANGE spider with one leg almost squished completely off . . . )

Hey, boys . . .look over here . . . PLEASE?????

Ok, good. Now everyone get in position. Now look over here.

Ok, good. Now everyone get in position. Now look over here.

Now, we're just going to find one more perfect spot,
then we'll be done.
(Hear sinister, but godly, laughter?!)

Hello? Emily?
Over here, DEAR!

(Oh great. Now I have to compete with a HORSE??!)

In all my years of walking in this beautiful park, I've never seen a horse on this side.

Say hello to Bronzie, sweet children . . . .sigh.

Hey! Where are you going now?

Mutiny, huh?
Fine. Take off without me.
Just remember your mom has got the . . . SNACKS!!!

Oh, Jonathan dear, this is not a video.
So I can't capture that "cool dance" move.
Can you just stand still please??

Ok, now look at the camera, boys.

Oh, look! I think I see our car up ahead.
Everyone hop in.
We'll see what we got later.

I guess I will have to go back through all my photos and see what I can salvage with Picasa. I've heard I can work miracles with PSE.
We'll have to see about that.

Sigh. {giggle}


Barbara said…
Funny, funny children! Silly, silly mom, for taking funny children to the park and then asking them to sit still for a photograph! ;-)
Bekka said…
Wonderful post Mrs. Miles! I was laughing the whole time! =)
Looks like a very fun time, and I hope to see the pictures where they actually WERE looking! =D I'm sure there are many!
Too fun, made me smile. =)
Fun memory! Love that last picture of the two boys being just that....BOYS!
Hope your school year is going well.
Days are tough, but God is good!
miss you~
Alice said…
love your back to school photos! what a fun bunch of kids you have :O). i have to admit that the horse would have drawn my attention, too. (i could do without the frog and the smooshed spider, though - lol!) fun shoot!
Ha! This is hilarious and way too familiar. Good thing candid shots are in style these days cause that's all I can get! Yours turned out really good though!!

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