Our Boy Turned 10 - EDITED!

Did I say "turned 10"?
Ahemm . . .
he actually turned 11.
Our boy is now 11.

I usually don't post about birthdays,
but I wanted to show off the wonderful work a friend of mine does.

She has a site called "Precepts and Promises" where she creates beautiful overlays to use in PS - all with a Scripture basis.

She helped me create this for David's birthday last week:

Isn't that cool?
You have to go visit her site and see her other works!
And then share with me how YOU used them.
She's doing a theme right now on Martin Luther in light of
Reformation Day this month.

I am so new to PSE and really know nothing yet,
but am loving learning little by little.
This was sooo fun to do as she walked me through it on
speaker phone one night.

My friend is mainly in the "digiscrappering" mode,
but I would LOVE to use PSE to make beautiful framed wall art with my photos.
Or greeting cards.

I sent it to Sam's to be printed
and then finished it off with a cool frame
that a friend just happened to be giving away.

I'm very limited in my creative talents,
but David LOVED it,
and that's what counts, right?

Thanks again, Barbara!

And Happy Birthday, David.
May you grow to be a godly man just like your daddy!
w e . l o v e . y o u


Barbara said…
Awwww.... Jan, that turned out just perfectly!!! What a wonderful photo of David; you are amazing! I can't wait to see what else you create with your photos. What an interesting journey we're on.... Thank you for the kind words, my friend. Now, what shall we do next????
That is beautiful! Can't believe he is 11!

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