We have been busy!

So life has just been happening too quickly for me to keep up on here lately.
Molly had her second surgery and all went well.
Thanksgiving was spent with family and good friends
and was a wonderful day.
We've been taking family photos and editing for friends.

we've been trying to keep on schedule with school.

Speaking of school,
meet "Lucy".

We've been studying crustaceans in science and I had the brilliant idea to dissect a crawfish.
So, we got some dissection kits from a friend,
and I found a GREAT lab on-line with step by step instructions and questions.

So, Wednesday, we walked over to the Asian market behind our house to get
our crawfish - I was hoping for dead ones so we wouldn't have the dilemma of how to "kill" them without cooking them.
But, they didn't have any.
Just blue crabs.
All thrown together in a big "self-service" tub.
So . . . we tried to pick out just one crab.

Have you ever tried to pick out just one crab?
They all cling to each other (no they weren't dead!!), and flail their appendages.
I look over at Annie at one point and she's losing it emotionally,
and Jonathan is screaming,
"Not that one, Mommy! I don't want that one! He's too moovey!"
I finally got one and am silently praying that Emily doesn't drop the bag while I'm trying to get him all in.
So, we get him in, and twist the bag, thinking that will kill him.
Then we pay for him and head back home.

We put him in the refrigerator, tightly twisted and Thursday morning, we got ready to dissect him.
But he wasn't dead.
No - he was still moving.
Annie started to lose it emotionally again.
I assured her that we wouldn't do anything to the crab until it was dead.

So we decided to just draw it.
We studied the drawings, made our own and labeled the parts.
That's when we discovered that he was actually a she.

So we named her "Lucy".

We read on-line that if you keep a crab in below 36 degrees, it will kill it,
so when we were done drawing her,
we stuck her in the freezer.

But, lo and behold, though I took her out in the morning,
it is hard to dissect a frozen crab (duh!),
and she wasn't ready to cut open until mid afternoon.
We finally got the shell off
but didn't recognize anything inside.
It was pretty cool though.
So, we're off to find us some crawfish next!

(Notice the cool lab coats we bought for chemistry a few years back.)
(Notice also how much smaller Molly's nevus is! It's almost gone.Only one more surgery next year -
hopefully not until around September.
We need to give the church a chance to recover financially
and fall is a good time for not missing much.)

We've also been busy getting ready for a boutique.
David made some handmade journals.
I sold some of my photo cards as well as advertised for our photography services. (Gained two more probable bookings for the new year.)
Annie made these neat decorative candles.

Molly made some handy "sticky note booklets".

And Emily sold about $20 worth of her jewelry.

The boutique was today and I took Molly and Emily with me to represent our family.
It was a real fun time of festivity and fellowship!

(Thanks, Linda, for helping Emily's display to look so "professional". She got a lot of very positive feedback on her work as well as the display.)

And so, the Christmas season has officially begun for us.
Therefore, I am going to sign off from the blogging world
until after the first of the year.
I have 4 major photo editing projects to complete,
Christmas gifts to buy and make,
children to read to,
Christmas bread to bake,
and toffee to make,
a newsletter to hopefully get out,
a house to decorate,
parties to prepare for,
children to play with,
a husband to snuggle with,
friends to get together with,
notes to write,
school lessons to teach,
and plans to make,
and the list goes on.

So, I am releasing myself from this "task",
and taking the rest of the year off.

In the meantime,
and enjoy the days,
as you rejoice that Hope Has Come.
Those of us in Christ
truly have great cause to rejoice!

Joy to the World!

~From our family to yours~


Rachel said…
Hi Jan! Merry Christmas to your family!
While she was here, Mom mentioned you might have one of the kidlets put on a gluten free diet. Have you heard of the GAPS diet? It's supposed to heal, as opposed to just removing damage. I am going to try it after Christmas--it's really strict though, so I'm not looking forward to it. Here's a link if you want more info.

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