19 Years Ago . . .

Nineteen years ago today,
I had surgery to remove a cyst in my abdomen.
Along with the cyst went an ovary and a tube.
I was diagnosed with severe endometriosis and put on heavy

hormone therapy to stop it's progress, and told
that only time would tell if I would ever be able to have children.
Endometriosis is the highest cause of infertility.
My doctor said the best thing would be for me to try and get pregnant,
before the endometriosis had a chance to come back and do
further damage.

The only problem was that . . .
God hadn't brought about my Psalm 15 man yet.

So I waited.
And left/trusted my hopes and fears to the Lord.
And waited.

Five and a half years later,
Earl came along and we were married.

We trusted the Lord with our desire for a family,
and were VERY SURPRISED when we discovered

we were expecting for the first time,
not even a month after our honeymoon.

My water broke with Emily on our nine month wedding anniversary!

David came along 16 months later!

We survived a miscarriage and then welcomed Miss Molly in 2001!

Little Annie joined our troop in 2002!

And lastly, Jonathan arrived in 2005!

We have been in awe of God's goodness to us!
And so thankful that He literally is the God of all,
and rules over all.

I love our sweet babies!
They'll always be my babies . . .
though how fast they are growing!
What a privilege to be their mom.
~ Contented sigh ~

Thank you, Lord for the gift of motherhood and these five sweet children you have blessed us with! Thank You for all that you taught me through those 5 long years. I'm grateful for the tears and fears and the sweet fellowship that I had with You during that time that led me to trust You implicitly. I don't understand Your reasoning in opening some wombs and closing others, but I will be forever grateful . . .


God is sovereign and SO good. Do you mind if I pass this link on to a friend here who just had a similar surgery? I think it would encourage her!

Love to you and your precious "babies!" yes, they grow up SO fast!
Sojourner said…
God is good all the time. Thanks for your testimony
Barbara said…
Oh, God is SO very good; He is PLEASED to bless us, especially when it's so obvious that HE worked where man said there was little to hope for...
SevenPilgrims said…
Abby . . . feel free to pass it along! Love to you and YOUR sweet babies.
Rachel said…
God is so good!

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