A Fun Project: Home Movies!

The kids and I took a break from our books last week and made this fun short film for a dear friend. It was my hope that they would catch the vision of starting with an idea
and fleshing it out
and working hard until it is finished.
They got lots of experience!
And we had a lot of fun!

The movie itself isn't very long . . . (Maybe 4 minutes?)
but we added in at the end some clips that we hadn't used but thought our friend might enjoy
seeing. Feel free to only watch the first part though.



Barbara said…
Oh, my, goodness!!!! That was adorable, amusing, inventive, engaging, funny, and so well done!!! I think you have a winner there!
Anonymous said…
You all continually amaze me with your talent and inventiveness! That was wonderfully creative, and VERY Funny! Where can I find Aunt Beth's products? You've sold me and I want to try them MYSELF!!!
Love. Grandma

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