I Heart Faces - "Best Face"

It has been a long time since I've been able to enter an I Heart Faces Contest.
But this week's theme was "Best Face" and I LOVE faces.
Usually my children are my favorite best faces,
but last month my family ministered at a dementia facility that we visit monthly.
They hosted a Christmas party and we were asked to come and take family photographs.
It was a WONDERFUL day!
We have come to love these sweet people and this lady in particular has
captured our hearts.
She makes us smile and laugh every visit!
It's not the best one technically, but my daughter wanted me to post this one.
It was a joy to capture on "film" a "perfect" expression of "Mrs. R".
Despite her dementia she radiates joy . . .
a true blessing!

You can see the rest of the photographs we took
and have permission to publish here.

Be sure to check out more "best faces" at I Heart Faces!


Sharon said…
that is so special! She definitely radiates JOY!
She is really beautiful. I love that your family goes to visit these people. I know you are a blessing! : )
Maryvel said…
Jo said…
Wonderful shot!!
What a special picture. Thanks for sharing.

Rachel said…
What a great picture, the story stole my heart!
Great shot and you definitely captured her joy!

Blessings and nice to meet you!


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