Rainy Day Compositions

I (Jan) have always loved rainy days. My mom instilled that love in me and I am enjoying sharing it with my children also.
I love the smell of "coming rain".
I love the sound it makes and sometimes will even open the window to hear it better.
I love the "cleanness" of a rain and the freshness it brings.
I love it perhaps because we don't get it very often in southern CA.
When I was a teacher in the LBUSD, I told my students that there would never be any homework on rainy days.
And there wasn't.
Well . . . almost none.
They actually were required to go home and find a very cozy spot in their home
and read for one hour.
Because that was MY most favorite way of "celebrating the rain"!

There are plenty of reasons to be "inconvenienced" by the rain and to grumble and complain, I know (at the moment we are looking at flood damage costs to our front room after this series of storms passes . . . ) . . .
but why focus on what I can't control?
Why not seek for grace to please the Lord by giving thanks in all things,
and celebrating the very things He has personally written into my day?

Rainy Days

~ by Annie (7)

I like rainy days.
I like rainy days because it puts me in the mood to do fun crafts that I can't do outside.
Also, because I can get cozy on the couch and read.
I like rainy days because I can just watch the rain, and I don't have to do anything.
Finally, I can just play with my toys.

Rainy Days
~ by Molly (8)

I love rainy days because they make my little house seem so cozy.
I like rainy days because I don't have to go anywhere.
I like the rain because I can just snuggle up on the couch and read a book.
Sometimes I want to just go outside and jump in it.
Sometimes i just lay on my bed and listen to the rain outside my window.
I like the rain because the rain makes me in the mood to go in my room and work on my jewelry.
That is why I like rainy days.

We wrote some poems.
"What do you see, hear, taste, smell and feel on rainy days?"

A Rainy Day Poem
by Annie (7)

Big, fat rain drops on the window
Drip, drop, drip
Yummy hot chocolate waits to be drunk
My brother's stinky, wet socks

Rainy Days
by Molly (8)

Children playing out in the rain
Rain dropping off the trees
Hot chocolate
Hot coffee from Mommy's cup
The rain on my feet

Rainy Days
by Emily (12)

Raindrops filling up puddles to ride through later
Cars skidding across slippery pavement
Hot chocolate sliding "scaldingly" down my esophagus
The aroma of a warm blaze in the fireplace filling my nostrils
Raindrops running off my tongue.

Rainy Day
by David (11)

Raindrops streaming down the windowpanes
Raindrops plip, plopping on the ground
Marshmallows soaked in hot chocolate
A log crackling in the fire
A warm, cozy feeling

Enjoy these rainy days!


fauxfun said…
I literally laughed out loud when I read Emily's "scaldingly" line! Just had to let you know...

Rachel said…
I laughed at the "brother's stinky socks"!
You have wonderful authors--thanks for sharing their work!

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