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Our sweet Miss Molly Mae turned 9 on Tuesday.
Earl and I had a meeting Tuesday night,
so Monday night we all went out for a family dinner.
Even Grandma and Aunt Gail joined us.
Mexican food.
(Can you say YUMMMMMY?)

The next morning,
I fixed, as per requested,
my "famous" homemade cinnamon rolls.

Then we all loaded up in the van,
and headed out to the CA Science Center in Los Angeles.
We saw an awesome movie at the IMAX in 3D on the ocean.
I had the best seat in the house -
right next to Jonathan who gave me a constant running commentary,
along with Jim Carrey's narration.

We then toured the Science Museum and learned all kinds of wonderful stuff about the body being in balance - "Homeostasis"

Notice this next photo.
Wanted to take the obligatory shot of everyone before leaving the museum.
Everyone is smiling except Jonathan.
I have many on my hard drive like this.
It is becoming a habit.
A habit that is not going to be coddled any longer.
So we talked.
Right there in the museum lobby.
Very firmly.
And persuasively.
"You are being disobedient."
"We are only asking you to take your fingers out of your mouth and smile. 30 seconds. That's it."
"Your disobedience will be disciplined if it continues."
"There may be no cookies later after lunch."
Ahhhh! That was the motivator!

Coming out of the museum,
the light was shining through this cool colored glass.

David tried his hand at lifting a 50,000 ton truck, (I actually don't remember the weight exactly . . . snicker)
with a lever.

Lunch time!

Homemade quesadillas.
Flavored water.
And cookies!

Molly got a nerf gun for her birthday the night before
and so wanted to bring it to the park,
so she and David could have some "battles".

But it proved very intriguing to some young boys also at the park.
Molly was very kind and patient.

David also joined in the fun.

After awhile,
I think Molly was beginning to wonder if they were ever going to be able to play with their guns.

Finally, the boys left and the games began.

I love this shot!
Molly is such a tomboy, but also such a girl.
Shooting while closing her eyes and turning away.
Notice the gun is as far from her as possible??

Jonathan was WISHING he had a gun.

Over at the tables,
there were some wars of different kinds going on.

It was a very fun day!
Happy Birthday, Molly.
We love you,
terribly so!

PS. Since Earl and I had a meeting this night, the kids got to have a babysitter. They have always loved their babysitters for which Earl and I have been very grateful. So this evening was just a continuation of the celebration . . .glow sticks on the trampoline in the dark, nerf guns, and I'm not sure I want to know what else. :) Thanks again, Bekka!


Bekka said…
Great post Mrs. Miles! =] I love the shot of Molly wondering if they were ever gonna have that war. Lol! Her face is priceless! =)

I had an awesome time hangin' out with her and the munchkins for her birthday night too! I knew glow sticks would come in handy. They make EVERYTHING way better. ;)
Barbara said…
If I smile prettily and very cooperatively, may I have a cookie, too???

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