Early Saturday Mornings

One of the things I love about Earl's job, is getting to host the quarterly leadership meetings in our home.
They happen on Saturday mornings, from 7-10ish
and they usually come after a late Friday night.

I love the dark and clean house.
I love the quiet.
I love my hot cup of coffee.
I love the fact that Earl and I each have our "jobs"
and go about them quietly while the kids still sleep.
I love that our "jobs" just fell in place naturally,
with little discussion.
I love the smell of the "special occasion egg casserole" cooking
(so do the kids!).

I love the sound of the church's big coffee pot percolating
and getting ready for those sleepy guys to stumble through the door
(It used to be just the men leaders, but this morning is the first meeting where they have also invited some of the women in leadership roles).
I love the "deep voices" of the men.
I love the sporadic outbursts of deep, hearty laughter.

The kids and I try to stay quiet and out of sight for the morning.
This has not dampened their Saturday morning in the least.
The kids actually cheer when they hear that "Daddy's having a meeting in the morning". They know it means "special food"
and that their chores get postponed until later.
It means a slow morning and
lots of fun playtime in the back of the house.
When they were real little,
I would bring breakfast back to a bedroom
on a tray and we would eat quietly back there.
Now that they are older it is kind of a challenge
to see if we can eat in the kitchen without Daddy and the guests hearing us.
They do very well!
I use the morning to
catch up on school plans, blogging,
letter writing, cleaning the bedroom, etc. etc.
This particular morning, we actually have the daughter of one of the men
here to play with Molly and Annie before her soccer game,
so I think after we eat
(I can smell the homemade, completely high-calorie cinnamon rolls cooking!!),
we will head to the garage and organize and play.

I LOVE these early Saturday mornings!

I'm off to feed these desperately hungry children.

Good job, guys!!


Dan said…

This is such sweet reminder of how God is weaving His tapersty of grace through our lives, through each others experiecences and different ways of looking at things. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing last Saturday morning through your eyes!

Thank you!!!


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