Molly's Third Surgery

After two surgeries, Molly's
"special spot" looked like this.

You can read about the beginning of our journey here.

You can read about her first surgery report here.

She had her second surgery in November of 2009, and we just had her third surgery this past Friday, April 23, 2010.

She has been a real trooper all the way!
And we couldn't be more proud of her.

On the morning of the surgery, the 3 of us left the house at 6am to arrive at the "hospital" by 6:30 am. We waited about 1/2 an hour before being led back to the pre-op. I was worried that it would cause Molly more anxiety to have to wait, but I think it actually helped to calm her down as she watched other families, etc. We then watched cartoons between staff visits and preparatory work.

This time when they gave Molly the Versed to calm her,
it really worked and we could see her eyes getting heavy.
She didn't even remember Dr. Zeineh (Zay-nee) coming in and saying, "Hey there, Kiddo!"

The surgery lasted a little over an hour and then Dr. Zeineh came out to tell Earl and I she had gotten all of the visible nevus and took us back to the recovery.
Molly was very relaxed going into the surgery and took her sweet time coming out of the anesthesia. (smile). Earl and I enjoyed talking and were so grateful to be on the other side and praising God for another successful go at it.

(I will say though, it was tough for my mother's heart to sit and listen to the other children coming out of the anesthesia very agitated and crying for their moms. I had to consciously will myself not to "lose it" several times, though did shed some tears. The emotional let down this time was very intense for me. So grateful that Molly comes out of the anesthesia so calmly!)

Molly is very quiet after surgery and does not like the attention.
The staff always wonders if she's in pain, or is mad.
We explain. And smile. It's just our Molly. And we love her!

We arrived home about 10:30 am that morning
and expected Molly to head straight back to her room
to sleep off the medicine for a few hours.
But, alas, her Aunt Sonya from Louisiana was staying with us
and the Wii was being enjoyed.
So, Molly grabbed a cold Kern's drink
(that is her special requested "post-surgery-treat")
and took up residence on the couch,
and you would have never known
that she just had had surgery that morning.
Our girl was all smiles.

We were hoping that this would be the last surgery, since Dr. Zeineh was able to get all that was visible. But pathology has reported back that the margins are not yet clear. So, we are giving Molly her summer and then we will go back for one last time in the fall, after school starts back up and swimming days are over.

We are trusting that the Lord knows what is best.
He has been faithful . . . so faithful . . . to give us all we have needed in the past,
we can certainly trust Him for the future.

It has actually been a joy to watch Molly walk through this.
Amazing. In so many ways.

And I love how the trials . . .
the difficult times . . .
cause us to lean harder on the Lord (for so much!),
as well as draw closer to each other.
The many visits to the doctor's office
have been sweet times for Molly and I.
The hours sitting and waiting
have been sweet times of fellowship
between Molly and Earl and I
as well as just Earl and I alone.
The siblings have all pulled for Molly
and have learned how to encourage and love her during these times.

These have been "good" times.
All a part of the bigger picture.

"Rejoice in all things. Again, I say, rejoice."


Aaron said…
Praising the Lord! Thanks for the update!
Diana Hodson said…
Aaron's was actually me - Diana. Don't know how that happen??
Glad the recent surgery went well. And I pray the next one will too. Molly is beautiful on the outside and her sweet spirit inside shines through in her countenance too! Thanking God for the "good" times He has given you! miss you!

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