A Lament

Just feeling a little silly today,

as we think about our end-of-the-year presentation:

An End-of-the-Year Lament

By Jan Miles

May 2010

What can we show you

That would be really cool

And prove to ya’ll that we did go to school?

In stature we’ve grown

And our notebooks are filled

Our brains have been fried and our knowledge been grilled.

We’ve written and read and done tons of math,

We’ve walked obediently ‘long this year’s academic path.

But now our dilemma is finding a way

To prove to the world that this knowledge will stay.

What have we learned? What’s been our gain?

O please don’t let our labor be all in vain!

Give us wisdom, dear Lord,

And lead through the pen,

Or our mother will make us . . . do it all over again!


Heidi said…
Your blog is wonderful and so is your photography. You have a beautiful family.

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