Hope That Does Not Disappoint - Part 2

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Well, I think this photo more accurately expresses
how I feel right now.
(I just didn't have a photo of it broken
when I posted a few days ago.)
Honestly, I didn't do this on purpose.
If you've read our blog for any length of time,
you know that coffee mugs in our home
- that are somehow connected to me -
don't last very long intact.

It broke as my mom was carrying it out the door
the night I gave it to her.
It fell to the floor and the handle broke off.
BUT . . . that meant
that it got to stay in our home
(I bought her a new one)
and I like the message that it reminds me of:

Those things that I fix my hope on,
often do disappoint.
My plans fall to pieces.

It is a constant fight to keep my hope centered
on the promises of Scripture,
made to those who are trusting Jesus
to be their complete satisfaction.
That kind of hope
does not disappoint.

The trouble with me these days
is that I KNOW where my hope should be.
I KNOW that what I am hoping in
is going to end in disappointment.
But I can't seem to get my "flesh"
to see the logic behind God's promises
and it is therefore very obstinate
and feisty in clinging to what is only going to disappoint.

The God of the whole universe,
the God who has dominion over every atom on this earth,
the God who calls me by name
and has ordered my days before there was yet one,
this God has promised me
that He will completely meet all of my needs
and satisfy me abundantly,
if I will trust Him and wait for Him alone.
He has promised me "the world" (cause He owns it!).

And yet "my flesh" insists on saying,
"No thanks . . .
O wise and wonderful God of all I can see and imagine . . .
I'll just be satisfied with 6 weeks of summer,
thank you very much."
Does anybody else see the ridiculousness of such a response?

Oh, that my eyes may be opened to truly see all the precious and magnificent promises that have been made to me in Christ,
that they may fuel my fight against the world, the flesh and the devil!


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