Before & After - Edited!

Ok . . . couldn't live with those other photos up here. HAD to take some different ones . . . but still . . . grrr . . .now there is a greenish/yellowish tint that I thought I had fixed but is still showing up when I post these. Sigh. Perfection is a curse . . .

This is what Molly looked like last May (2009) before her first surgery on July 10.
(I LOVE the lighting of this photo . . . the ones to follow don't even compare. Sorry!)

This is what she looks like now after 3 surgeries. You can hardly see the scar!

Oh, wait! That's the wrong side. So sorry.
Here is the right side. But still . . . barely noticeable.

(There is some slight puckering when viewed from certain angles . . . )

I actually had to have her tilt her head to the side so you could see the scar better.

We are so grateful for all of the words of encouragement and prayers along the way.
Molly is doing very well.
She will have one more surgery in October due to the fact that the margins were not yet clear after the last surgery.
Again, thank you.

We are so grateful!!


She's beautiful....either way. But so neat to see the progress & change and God's faithfulness to her & you all through it all! Hope the next surgery goes well and all that is behind you guys soon.

Hugs & blessings~

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