Holding it all with . . .

open hands.
It's the lesson of my life.

It is now summer time and we are in full-force of enjoying it! The school assessments have been finished and the school books put away.

But as expected . . . I am realizing that my "to do" list and my "want to do" list are way beyond the days and hours available.

I must trust that what He has planned for my days is good and sufficient. I must trust Him when He tells me that no good thing will He withhold from those who walk uprightly. I must bow to His will and rejoice in it . . .knowing that it is good and perfect.

No, gentle reader . . . FREEDOM!!

The last two weeks have been spent battling strep throat and extreme fatigue.
Not my plans.
In fact . . . my plans were greatly hindered as I just couldn't concentrate on writing up those assessments when I finally had a moment to sit down.
But now they are done.
And two weeks of swim lessons are behind us.
And four weeks of summer are still ahead (with a week away as a family squished in there!)

I'm trusting that what needs to get done will get done.
I'm looking around my house at all the clutter and projects,
and desperately wanting it ALL to be in order by the time school starts again,
and yet trusting Him to give me the grace to love my family (in actions and tones), when it isn't getting done.
I'm praying for grace to take the time to play Chutes and Ladders with a sweet 5 year old while looking at a table full of stuff to be tossed or stowed.
I'm praying for grace to fix the bikes and take some bike rides to the park (or even the beach!) when I could be home planning or painting.
I'm praying for grace, because it doesn't come to me naturally.

And that's the freedom.
When I submit my will to His, He abundantly gives me the grace (that which I need but don't have) to enjoy His will,
and see the good in His will,
and trust Him with my own desires . . . knowing that He delights to bless me!

And so,
I'm holding my summer,
and my plans,
my dreams,
and desires,

with . . .

Open Hands.


Barbara said…
Good words, my friend.
SevenPilgrims said…
Thank you, Barbara. It's such a fight!

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