A Story by Molly

We do a lot of creative writing in our home.

It just happens.

Not sure exactly how it all began . . . I didn't really assign things, Emily just began writing stories, then David, then Molly and Annie and even today Jonathan has asked me to help him write a story (which sounds strangely familiar to one of his siblings current stories).

All I know is that our kids LOVE to hear stories. They have since they were very little. And they love to read and they read a lot. I think their reading shows through in their writing, which is just another reason to make sure that our kids are reading a good variety of good literature and not just filling their minds and imaginations with "less than quality" writing.

Right now, all 4 of our older kids are involved in writing books. I have promised them that if they will stick to them and finish them (editing and all), that I will have them self-published. I also am wanting to encourage them by publishing a little of their stories here on our blog and seeing if they get any encouraging feedback.

So, to start . . . here are the first two chapters of Molly's current book.

It is the 2nd in a series (the first one had a Christmas theme).

(And leave an encouraging comment for her if you have the time . . . )

The Missing Dog

By Molly Miles

“The News”

Andrew and Lilly were staying at their Grandma Mary’s house that summer. Andrew was now 14 and Lilly was 12. They were just finishing a project for their home school when they heard their Grandma on the phone and listened.

“Yes, . . . yes they are here, . . . oh no! I’ll tell them that . . . okay . . . . good bye.”

“What was that about, Grandma?” asked Lilly coming down the stairs with Andrew coming behind.

“Oh, um, that was Mrs. Beatle. She said that her dog Sarah was missing,” said Grandma.

“Missing! Sarah missing!” shouted Andrew and Lilly together.

“Yes, missing. But please don’t take the job,” said Grandma. “What do you mean ‘don’t take the job’?” asked Lilly. “Well, she asked you to help find her,” said Grandma.

“The Threat!”

“Well, we do help the town detectives, so . . . I guess we could help Mrs. Beatle,” said Andrew.

“Oh dear. I just don’t like it. Every free moment you have you run into some kind of mystery”, said Grandma.

“Well we will spend time with you, Grandma,” said Lilly hurriedly.

“Well, . . . okay. Go along. Take the mystery,” she said and walked away to make dinner.

Now the days were spent looking for Sarah. And in their spare time, Andrew and Lilly spent time with their grandma.

One morning, Andrew went to get the mail and saw an envelope with no return address on it. He took a look and then opened it. (Since their grandma couldn’t read because of bad eye sight, they always read the mail to her). His eyes opened wide at what he saw. Lilly came in the room, took a look at Andrew, and knew something was wrong.

“Andrew, come with me into the next room right now!” she said. Andrew, still looking at the paper, followed her. When they got to the next room Lilly said, “What is going on? What does the paper say? Why aren’t you reading it to Grandma? Tell ME THAT!”

Andrew handed the paper to Lilly and said quietly, “You want Grandma to hear THAT?”

Lilly looked at the paper, and her eyes grew round. The letter said,



Christie said…
Go Molly! I'm very proud of you! Keep up the good writing. I was very impressed. As a fellow writer I love to see people dream and grow. I remember when I was about your age. I started out writing chicken scratchings. (The stories I wrote weren't good at all) but I found something that I truly LOVED to do. One of my passions is writing and reading and to this day I still am writing "chicken scratchings" Also, when I was about your age I began writing in a journal. I still keep one and faithfully (but sometimes not so faithfully) write in it every day. It really helps develop writing skills, I think. So keep on writing, keep on dreaming, and keep on growing and I'm sure God will use your passions and your talents. Love~Love~Love, Christie S.
Karen Bruce said…
I'm ready to read the rest! Great job, Molly!
~ Mrs. Bruce (in North Carolina)~

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