He will not withhold . . .

any good thing.
We are trusting God for that promise and for His timing.

This past Saturday,
our family had to say goodbye to Scout,
our puppy that we had come to love over the last 3 months.
We had invested much time, energy, and finances,
and our hearts were fully embedded in this dog.

But she began to exhibit some aggressive tendencies that Earl and I had been on the watch for from the beginning and had agreed that no matter how much we had grown to love her, if we ever at any time felt like she was a danger to our children or anyone, we would take her back
(we signed a contract saying that we would return her if we decided not to keep her).

We hired a trainer and tried to diligently and consistently work with Scout.
But her issues began to escalate this past week.
We returned her Saturday morning,
after a very emotional Friday evening.
We were all heart-broken,
but even the children realized that it was not safe
to have her in the
home any longer.

We are not giving up on finding the perfect dog for our family.
We are trusting the Lord to bring him/her to us in His timing.
Right now, we are enjoying the freedom from the intense work that Scout required and we are thinking and talking about all that we've learned.

This has been a learning time for all of us.
Earl and I couldn't be more proud of the children and of how
well they shouldered much of the responsibility for Scout's care.
And they worked with her in training, both practical and for fun.
They really "stepped up to the plate" so to speak,
and we are so proud of them.
We have all cried more tears than we knew we had,
and it has been good to have that freedom to do so.

Now we are moving on,
and are stronger for the experience.

We have seen God's hand of protection,
and we have continued to find Him faithful throughout these last 3 months.
When things don't go our way or according to our desires,
it doesn't mean that God has failed us.
It just serves to remind us that we live in a "fallen" world,
and that this isn't heaven.
But . . .
. . ..
one day,
we shall live in a redeemed and renewed world,
where the dog will lie down with the child . . .

and neither shall be afraid.


Abby said…
Ah, Jan, that surely had to be SO tough! On the day your returned yours, we actually brought home our very first dog as a family. The kids have waited and prayed years for a dog. So far it was definitely WORTH the wait to find what we already think is the perfect dog (she's also not a puppy!) We adopted her from the local animal shelter and we hope & pray she survives here in this family! Will pray God provides the perfect dog for you in HIS timing! Much love to you all!
Bekka said…
Amen, Mrs. Miles. Praise God for this experience you all went through. Love you all!

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