Mount Baldy

On Friday,
Earl turned 49 years old!
We just had to celebrate and do something FUN.
So . . .
he worked that morning,
the kids and I did school,
and then we loaded up everyone in the van and headed north toward Mount Baldy - supposedly only an hour from our home!

We stopped for lunch and it was sooooo hot.
(Nice for a change!)
20 minutes later and we were up in the mountains
with the wind blowing wildly
and the air frigid.

But we found snow!
We weren't holding our breath, just looking for whatever we could find -
even if it was only a beautiful day of driving and getting out of the house (We did listen to some Lamplighter Theater and that was a treat too).

We brought heavy jackets, just in case, and some dry socks, but that was all.
So we bundled up and headed over to play.

Earl and I enjoyed watching all of our kids who have not yet really gotten to play in the snow, but it was especially fun watching Jonathan who just had no fear,
and obviously was not bothered by the FREEZING COLD.

We even brought Scout with us, but since she has not yet had her rabies shot,
we kept her close by.

David found a broken sled-thing and we gave him the go-ahead to use it.
That proved to be great fun!
He'll tell you though that I did not give very sound advice.
He found what he thought looked like a good place to give it a go
and when he asked me how to stop, I told him, just dig in your feet (I think that's what I remember doing . . . hahaha . . . it's been sooooo long . . . . too long . . . . )
Well, he followed my advice,
and flew right over a stump,
but considerably "rumpled in spirit". Hahaha!

Even Jonathan gave it a go,
and Earl caught him before he flew over the stump.

Then we found a better spot, and Jonathan, Molly and David all had several runs.
Here is Earl trying to ski in his shoes.
Silly guy.

We finally headed back to the warm van,
and were just full of thankfulness for such an unexpectedly fun time!

As I said, it was VERY windy,
but here is one last shot.

We had a lovely drive back down the mountain,
and our hearts and spirits were full of thanksgiving!


Bekka said…
What a fun time! =)

Great pics Mrs. Miles!
Peggy said…
I'm so glad that Lord gave you that wonderful afternoon together!!
sls said…
Hi Jan! Well, if you wanted snow, you should have come out here! ;) Snow pictures are always fun, and I enjoyed yours, too! :)

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