Scout's Dog House - Finished!

Well, David learned so much being able to work with Scott on this project.
He enjoyed the fun parts - getting to use the power tools,
and he learned that the tedious parts - like sanding -
are just part of the process of creating something you can really be proud of.

When I picked David up each time, I had to refrain from asking,
"So . . . when do you think it will be done?"
(I was DYING to see the final product! It was just looking better and better
each time I saw it.)

After "Day 4", I walked away figuring that it would be sometime in January.
No problem.
I could wait.
I was a big girl.

Then . . .

Christmas day there was a knock on our front door.

Scott and Linda came by and delivered the finished crate!
It was beautiful!
I couldn't have been more pleased and excited and overwhelmed, etc. etc.

And now Scout loves it too!
It is big and roomy for her and gives her a nice place to go and hide from the craziness this family has to offer all day.


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