Louisiana Trip–Part 3


We arrived in Louisiana about 9:45 PM Tuesday night and quickly unloaded and showered and got the kids to bed. The service for Earl’s father was to start at the church at 8 AM in the morning. (My mantra was, “We can do this!”)

There were 8 of us in Earl’s mom’s house and one bathroom. We have it down to a system and thankfully it kicked in quickly and the process ran smoothly the next morning. Earl showered the night before and Rita got up early and was out of the bathroom by 6 AM. I got a shower and then set up shop in our bedroom, sitting on the floor in front of a mirror to do my hair and make-up. Rita helped iron the clothes for that morning that were wrinkled from the trip. Once Earl and I were ready we got the kids up and got them ready. Miracle of miracles, we were all at the church by 8 AM (I already posted about the service earlier).

Mornings at Earl’s mom’s house are very memorable. One lies in bed in the morning smelling breakfast and hearing the coffee pot brewing. Rita has always gotten up early and since we are usually tired from travelling we sleep a little later than usual. This trip, the girls all slept in the living room on a hide-a-bed and the boys slept together in Sonya’s old room on a mattress on the floor. Rita would get up early and fix pancakes or eggs and toast. Oh, the smells wafting back to the bedrooms was so “homey”! She cooks her pancakes and eggs in a cast iron skillet that she uses with great skill. I don’t ever think she has burned anything while we’ve been there in the past 15 years! The toast is white bread with streaks of butter spread down the middle that we all just devour. And of course, she always has juice. Yep, the best part of waking up in Denham Springs is MaMa’s cooking!

Thursday was our first free day and we started it off by doing some laundry. Unfortunately, Rita’s washer was having some difficulty and wouldn’t spin out the water from the clothes. We hung them up on the line but they were still dripping wet. So, we popped them into the dryer for a bit. However, when we went to get them out, we discovered that Jonathan had locked the storeroom door (where the dryer is) and the key was in the storeroom. So, I slept in my clothes (again!) that night since my pjs were in the dryer and the next morning, the door was taken off, the key retrieved, and the clothes rescued.

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One day, the kids were playing out back and found a bird’s nest in an old barrel. There were birds in it, but they got accidently dumped out when Jonathan picked up the nest not knowing what it was. Emily scooped the babies back into the nest with a plastic spoon and we prayed that the mother bird would come back and take care of the babies. We’re not sure why or how the nest got into the barrel (the kids discovered it when they were taking twigs out to build something), but the next morning they were dead. We’re not sure if the mother came back or not or if the birds died of exposure, or what. The kids buried the nest under a tree (I’ve lost my photos of it somehow) and laid flowers on top.

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Barbara said…
Oh, yummy... I LOVE waking up to the smells of pancakes and coffee cooking. But, it just never happens around here. And, can I be in your cabin for the women's retreat; you can whip everyone into shape and get all 10 of us showered and to breakfast on time!!!

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