Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Time to Celebrate


Huntington Beach-15 copy

And we are enjoying watching them unfold.

Happy 14th birthday, Emily!

We love you!

“He who walks in integrity walks securely” Prov.10:9

“He is on the path of life who heeds instruction” Prov. 10:17

“The righteous has an everlasting foundation” Prov. 10:25

“The fear of the LORD prolongs life” Prov. 10:27

“The hope of the righteous is gladness” Prov. 10:28

“The way of the LORD is a stronghold to the upright” Prov. 10:29

“The righteous will never be shaken” Prov. 10:30

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Date Night Idea

Earl and I got to go out together last night. It was kind of spontaneous. In “spontaneous” I mean, we decided yesterday morning that we would try and go out that night. So, that afternoon I brainstormed some fun ideas that we could pick from to spice up our night, and bounced them off the kids as we drove home from PE.

Here is my favorite. We didn’t end up doing it last night, but are going to save it for a warm summer evening when we can go to a nearby park.

My idea:

Pack a picnic dinner or pick up some food to go. Find a nice scenic place outdoors. Bring some paper (or sketch pads) and some pencils. Give yourselves a specific time limit to separately draw a memory from your marriage/dating history. Then switch drawings and see if you can guess what the other person was drawing. (This will most likely be hilarious on OUR date night! Earl is definitely the artist in our marriage. Just ask my sister about MY ability.) Our kids made me promise that when we do this, we will save the drawings and write the memory on them for them to see.

So, if you do this before we do, I’d love to hear about it.

What did we DO end up doing last night? Well, we sat in Wendy’s and ate off of their dollar menu and played Gin Rummy (It would be boasting if I mentioned that I won 4 out of 6 hands, huh? Ok. I won’t write that part.). Then we drove over to a park and sat in our warm van and drank coffee we brought from home in a thermos and talked and planned. It was nice. Very nice. And when we got home, the house was quiet and clean and all the kids were in bed asleep. (I’ll write sometime about our latest parenting adventure of going out without hiring a babysitter.)

Friday, May 13, 2011

Our Foster Boys


We did it.

We brought home two foster boys yesterday.

Meet Jeff . . .


And Jesse . . .


They are two Pekingese dogs who we are fostering until they can be permanently adopted. We are good friends with a family from our church who volunteers with a local dog rescue organization. They have been keeping their eyes out for a dog that would be good for our family to take in and help our two youngest get over their fears (especially after our last experience with Scout). And after just one day, everyone is adjusting well and we have had lots of play time.


During the morning, while we are doing school and it is still cool yet outside, we keep them inside in our family room where they can maybe pick up their math facts or learn some spelling rules or listen to fascinating history stories. We want them to be really smart when they go to their forever homes.


When it warms up a bit outside, and they are ready for some play time, we move them out back onto the patio under the canopy to give them some fresh air and lots of room to wrestle. And the kids join them during a quick break here and there. These boys are very quiet, and are very polite, and love to be petted and loved on . . . which we are glad to do.


Did I mention that these guys like to wrestle? It’s been fun having TWO dogs. They really like to play together. Jeff is the dominant one and he has already reduced Jesse’s nicely groomed ears to wet, stringy ears. Jeff chews on his ears, and bites his tail, and climbs all over him . . .but Jesse can give it right back. The girls and I were just giggling over watching them play tonight.

Just look at those ears!!


These guys are VERY furry. Very. We are vacuuming daily and confining them to the family room when inside. Care for them has already increased my laundry load. But they are not permanent pets, and it has been helpful to be able to cross “very furry” off of our list of things we want in a forever pet. By the end of the day, my eyes are itchy and all I can smell is dog. But they are so stinkin’ cute and we already have begun to see their personalities.


We’ve been told that Jeff is 2 years old. He likes to wrestle, as I mentioned, but he tires quickly. He likes to sleep and lounge. If he doesn’t want to walk, he doesn’t. He wants you to know that he is boss dog, and wants to be petted as much as Jesse gets petted (the kids have kind of favored Jesse). He’s not real interested in playing with anything other than Jesse. That’s ok.

We’ve been told that Jesse is 1 year old. He seems to have a lot of puppy in him still. Today he started jumping up on us to be petted. We dealt with that and by tonight, he had stopped that behavior. He must be very smart! He LOVES to be petted and he also LOVES to mouth/chew on our fingers. Jesse has shown more interest in playing with toys, but not much. They both really prefer each other when they aren’t being petted or brushed.


So . . . here we go on our next adventure.

I’m so proud of the kids for stepping up and helping to shoulder all the extra responsibilities. This is going to be a good experience for our family, in many ways.

P.S. . . Did I mention that these dogs snore? Well, Jeff does at least. Loudly. Again, the girls and I were giggling tonight as we were quietly working on things before bed and were listening to this guy just snoozing away. It’s very funny.

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