Date Night Idea

Earl and I got to go out together last night. It was kind of spontaneous. In “spontaneous” I mean, we decided yesterday morning that we would try and go out that night. So, that afternoon I brainstormed some fun ideas that we could pick from to spice up our night, and bounced them off the kids as we drove home from PE.

Here is my favorite. We didn’t end up doing it last night, but are going to save it for a warm summer evening when we can go to a nearby park.

My idea:

Pack a picnic dinner or pick up some food to go. Find a nice scenic place outdoors. Bring some paper (or sketch pads) and some pencils. Give yourselves a specific time limit to separately draw a memory from your marriage/dating history. Then switch drawings and see if you can guess what the other person was drawing. (This will most likely be hilarious on OUR date night! Earl is definitely the artist in our marriage. Just ask my sister about MY ability.) Our kids made me promise that when we do this, we will save the drawings and write the memory on them for them to see.

So, if you do this before we do, I’d love to hear about it.

What did we DO end up doing last night? Well, we sat in Wendy’s and ate off of their dollar menu and played Gin Rummy (It would be boasting if I mentioned that I won 4 out of 6 hands, huh? Ok. I won’t write that part.). Then we drove over to a park and sat in our warm van and drank coffee we brought from home in a thermos and talked and planned. It was nice. Very nice. And when we got home, the house was quiet and clean and all the kids were in bed asleep. (I’ll write sometime about our latest parenting adventure of going out without hiring a babysitter.)


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