A Book Review: Daniel's Duck

This is one of our family's favorite authors. His writing for the older crowd can be a bit "ify" as he deals with social issues at times, but we absolutely have loved what he has written for the young folk.

This is a sweet story about a boy named Daniel who lives in the mountains of Tennessee with his mom and dad and older brother. During the long winters, they spend their evenings making things to take to the annual spring fair in town. Daniel is making something for the very first time. His brother is not encouraging to him, but Daniel is proud of what he has made and doesn't hesitate to take it to the fair. He is having a good time looking at all of the other fair items until he realizes that everyone is laughing at what he made. He responds as any normal 7 year old boy would and winds up interacting with a wise adult who helps him to look at the situation a little differently.

Our Jonathan is 6 years old and finished the "Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons" earlier this school year. Since then, he has worked his way through a first grade reader and is now in a second grade reader. He read this book with ease . . . and thoroughly enjoyed it. (I cried the first time I read it.)

You can find this at your library easily. I hope your family enjoys it as much as we have.


Peggy said…
Thanks! The Rupprechts love a good read - it is on our list!!
SevenPilgrims said…
I must say, Peggy, that this is an "I can read" book for young ones, but with all the young people your family loves on, this would be a good one to have around.

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