My Son Challenged Me

No. Not in a negative way.

In the BEST of ways.

For the past two mornings, David has gone walking with me in the mornings. He keeps me moving, I tell you. He doesn’t cut me any slack! And our conversations have been so enjoyable. I’m learning things about him that I never knew before.

This morning, I asked him what books he’s been reading lately. (He has a habit of perusing Earl’s office shelves and some shelves we have in our bedroom and asking if he can read this devotional or this doctrinal book, etc.) He told me that he recently finished a book by John MacArthur entitled Twelve Ordinary Men. Without me having to probe further, he told me that it was really interesting and that there was something that he had never thought of before. He then went on to tell me that Matthew (the tax collector) and Simon (the Zealot) were “enemies”. “Mom, the tax collectors worked with the Romans and were hated by the Zealots who were working AGAINST the Romans. And here they were both called by Jesus and following Him. And when Jesus sent them out in groups, Simon and Matthew are recorded as often being grouped together.”

I wanted to stop in my tracks right there and think that one through. The Holy Spirit used my 12 year old son to convict and challenge me with a very simple truth. I asked David if John MacArthur applied that insight to the Church and us “getting along”. He said he didn’t remember him doing that, but boy was that where MY mind was going.

The Church is made up of sinners. Myself, mixed in with a lot of others. There are many with whom I “click” and get along with. And there are those who I really don’t. I tend to excuse myself from having to work through those difficult relationships and instead focus on the ones that are easy. But I now can’t get out of my mind the picture of Matthew and Simon, as opposite as can be, co-followers of Jesus and now working for Him to accomplish His purposes . . . and the Scriptures don’t record any difficult situations between the two of them, that I can remember.

Do I really think it is “impossible” to work with so-and-so? Do I really think that God doesn’t expect that of me? Could it be that that detail is the very thing that will bring Him most glory, not the accomplishment of a certain task or event, but the actual working out of love between two people who are both following Jesus and desire to accomplish His purposes despite their radical differences? Oh . . . I am going to need to think more on this and pray for grace to apply what the Spirit is leading me to see.

And, thank you, my son, for being diligent to pursue wisdom from those who have gone before you and watering the seeds of truth that have been planted, and for sharing with me this morning. I am delighting in the young man that you are becoming!


Karen B. said…
Thanks for sharing this! I was thinking about how this applies to husbands and wives. God uses our differences, strengths, weaknesses, failings and successes to make us more like Christ and especially to give us the opportunity to love one another in a biblical way, not just "love" the other person for how happy and comfortable they make us. Be assured, if we lack this kind of love, God, being the loving Father He is, will see to it that we get plenty of hands-on learning! ~ Great Mother-Son time! ~

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