A Summer of Change

This summer is what I am calling our “Summer of Change”

This month, our oldest graduated eighth grade and is now a high schooler.

Presentation Night-79


We have decided to do a few “home improvements” to spruce up the place. In addition to giving the walls a fresh coat of paint and adding some color, we have also taken down the wallpaper in the kitchen (think 80’s) and are going to add some fresh paint instead. Next summer will be the cabinets (I just don’t have the time this summer to do it all).





We’re also trying to get a “garden area” ready for some fall planting. Earl and David have built us a retaining wall.





Emily has started a babysitting job down the street four mornings a week.

Emily and David have volunteered to work at the library this summer, two hours a week, helping with the summer reading program. I dropped them off for their first day this morning.




Earl and I left the kids alone this past Saturday for 5 hours during the day while we went out with friends.

Yes, the seasons are changing. Our children are growing up. There are “new things” on our plates . . . and it’s all good.

I’m enjoying the ride!


Love all the changes! wow, you have a high schooler! And you can leave them all alone!!??? I've done that once or twice for a max of 20-30 minutes. No longer yet. The brother that is only 15 months younger than the oldest sister makes it challenging. (how'd you overcome that??) I AM grateful I can leave my oldest with the youngest two for a few hours if I have to run a few errands & take the middle ones with me. I don't rush the next season, but I will embrace & welcome it for sure!

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