Funky Dancing

Hey ya'll, this is David. And I'm posting a video of how Jonathan & I spend about half of our chore time. Jonathan has fun inventing cool moves and I was pretty stunned at one point (not in the video) at the moves he was executing. Whew! Go buddy, go!!

So if you have some advice to improve our fun just let us know in the form of a comment. We'd really appreciate anything. HeeHee. (the video quality isn't the best, but try to ignore it) :D

Mom's Note: Hmmmm . . .so THAT's what they do during their room cleaning time. (I had to ask what song this was and who sang it. It's called "Escape" by the Newsboys. Here are the lyrics:

You're being tempted by the same ol'
You say it's under control
Just remind me how you see so clearly
Face down in a hole

Press toward the light
And the light will ground you
Go with the flow
And the flow will drown you
Hey now, there's always an out

But if you get up, get up, get up
You can breakaway
And if you get out, get out, get out
Nothing can overtake
Don't wait, escape

We get beaten by the same sticks
Until we start to crack
We get deceived by the same tricks
That's why the devil's bringing 'em back
(He's bringing 'em back)

Don't believe the hype
It's such a letdown

Through the blood of Christ, we CAN escape the temptations!


Ejler said…
lol I love it!!!!!!!!!!!

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