God is for us!

Yesterday, Earl preached a sermon that really encouraged and challenged me.

His text was Romans 8:31.

He described the following picture:

Picture the universe with billions and billions and billions and billions and billions of stars. Then picture an arrow pointing to just one of those teeny tiny specks with the words “You are here”. That is earth.


Many have speculated on the reason why the universe is so huge. Is it because there are many other worlds out there just like ours?

Earl raised the very probable reason (as argued by Paul early on in Romans) that it is huge because God is shouting to us,

“There is nothing more huge than I am.

(He created this huge universe)

And if I am for you ,

then you are in a very happy state.”

This brought peace and security to me.

God is for me.

God is for you, if you are known by Him in Christ.

God is for us!

Chew on that one awhile . . . I am.


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