Our Main Summer Project–Whew!

We moved into this house before Jonathan was born. That was 7 years ago. The white walls are filled with “scratches” and the clutter abounds. We needed some “newness” . . . some change. I personally felt like I needed it since we are home so often. I felt as if I needed it to help get the year off to a “fresh” start. So we began to talk among ourselves. We asked friends their opinions. We started to dream . . . then plan . . .

We thought we would start with the kitchen. We actually began taking off the wallpaper. But then we realized that we could accomplish a lot more if we started with the front rooms, especially the one we do school in every day.

So here is what our front room looked like before we started:


We took everything off the walls. We painted them with “Rincon Cove”. We got rid of the curtains and the valences and bought a new rod which we spray painted to match the color of the other metals we had. We bought new sheers to hang up. We bought and hung new wall lamps and rearranged the wall art. We are planning on covering the couches (chocolate) and accenting with pillows, etc. Here is what the room looked like after we got the furniture back after painting:


And here is what it looks like now after hanging a few things up. I still am going to spray paint the wall lamps to match the curtain rod and we are waiting for our slip covers to go on sale.

Room Changes (2)

If you turn yourself 180 degrees around, you will see our dining room/school room. Here is what that room looked like before we started any work (really tight and cluttered!):


Ok . . . so in here, we emptied out the room and painted the walls. We spray painted the bookcases to match the color of the trim . We got rid of the old curtains and valence and rod and put up new ones like in the front room. I got rid of two carts (still trying to decide where to put all the stuff that was on/in the carts) and cleaned the clutter off the bookcases – nothing on top. We planned on hanging photo frames along the top of the wall.

Here’s what it looked like when we were done:


Notice that we took the leaf out of the table and turned it around. We liked that change better, but it was too squishy for all 7 of us, and there was still the problem of what to do when we had company. Hmmmm . . . We also got rid of the old chandelier and put in a ceiling fan. Yay!

Our entry way also got a new look:


We took down the iron divider and replaced the 70’s disco ball . . .


Lookin’ good!

So, here are just two more photos to show the changes . . .





Then . . . then . . . just when I began to breathe again and recouperate from our long week of “renovations” . . . we decided to change it all. Well not all. But a lot!

We were still struggling over what to do about our large family and our small dining room. Then my sister-in-law suggested some re-purposing of rooms. Hmmm . . . so we began to think outside of our box.

See this room?


This was our computer/tv/family room. Well, no longer. It is now our dining/school room:

Room Changes (3)

DSC_0057 (2)

DSC_0039 (2)

Now . . .doesn’t that look so much better? It’s perfect! We LOVE this new room. Not sure why we hadn’t thought of it way sooner! Boy, are we know looking forward to Thanksgiving!!

And remember that tiny dining area where all of this used to be?

Room Changes (1)

It has now become an extended sitting area. Our tv is in that nice cabinet that we can close up. We LOVE this room too. So comfortable and quiet and relaxing.

So, there is much more to be done but this is where we are stopping for now. We will continue painting the rest of the house and will re-do the kitchen by next summer.

But, we are now ready for school to start.

Right after a week of camping at the beach!


Peggy said…
That looks very nice! Great job!
Jamie said…
Love the new look! Looking forward to seeing it in person one of these days.

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