Say to the righteous . . .

The other morning in my Bible reading, I came across this phrase in Isaiah 3 . . . “Say to the righteous that it will go well with them . . . “

I thought on that awhile.

“It will go well . . .”

What does that mean, Lord?

How would I define “well”?

Is “well” the same as “comfortable”?

I believe the Bible teaches that “well” means that I can depend on all of my needs being met and that I can trust my God who says He is the Good Shepherd and will have my best interest in mind at all times.

In my last post, I told how we were waiting to find out if Annie had something a little more serious than just “needing more calories”. We were facing possibly life-altering news.

That was the context in which I was pondering the above Scripture.

And yet, God has not asked of us, (at least at this time), to walk down that road of suffering.

Annie had a repeat test done this past Tuesday and it came back negative. Praise the Lord!

The test was a Sweat Chloride test, which is used to diagnose Cystic Fibrosis.

The patient is given some small electric stimulation to stimulate the sweat glands.



Then the arm is wrapped in plastic with some small pieces of testing strips on the skin to collect the sweat. The first time Annie had it done, she and Earl had to go sit out in the truck in the parking structure with the heater running so Annie could work up a sweat. This time, she and I were more fortunate. The nurse wrapped her arm and then Annie donned all the warm clothes we had brought (“Dress like you’re going to spend the day in Big Bear” they told us). We were then told to go walk around and keep her arms moving to work up the sweat.

Annie always has been a good “test taker”!



When it was all over, we high-fived each other and headed to the truck. We then stopped at Coffee Bean for a non-coffee blended drink to celebrate what we hoped and prayed would be the last of the testing.


Good to the last drop!


By 6pm that evening, we had spoken with the doctor who called to let us know that the test had come back negative. She said we did NOT need to continue with the genetic testing (very expensive – thank YOU, Lord!), or the echocardiogram or the pulmonary function test. We are going to complete one more easy test that has to do with the lower GI which is where Annie’s symptoms seem to stem around. We will go back to talk with the doctor in a few weeks.

Both Earl and I are confident that the next visit to the doctor will be but a formality to close this chapter. We still don’t know what Annie’s “episodes” were caused by, but she has not had another one since July and has seemed more healthy than ever lately. So we are at a point where we are ready to rest and resume life as “normal”.

“Say to the righteous that it will go well with them.”

In light of sickness . . . or in health.

The Lord who promises, doesn’t change.


Barbara said…
It is WELL with my soul, you can confidently say. And, would so even if the news were different, I'm confident. Rejoicing with you.
valerie lynn said…
this made me cry! Im so happy that she is ok. I just love all your kids so much! let me know if there is anything i can do for you guys! <3
SevenPilgrims said…
Oh, Val . . .in light of your own road of suffering, your comment humbled me. I'm confident that God gives us grace to walk the road He lays before us, but I often doubt that I would have the grace that you have experienced. My faith is still so weak at times. I'm encouraged by your example and please know that our family continues to pray for you, dear sister. Thank you for loving our kids "so much", and for being an example of joy in the midst of suffering.

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