Some Random Thoughts



Last night marked another “momentous milestone” for Earl and I.

We had planned on using some money my mom gave us to go see a movie and have dinner. We thought since it was Earl’s day off and I was done with school by 2ish that we would leave at 4pm and catch the matinee and then go have dinner and talk over the movie (Courageous) and other things, and then get back home for an early night. But then we realized that morning that we couldn’t leave at 4pm because Molly and Annie had piano lessons at 4:45. As we were discussing this outloud, Emily chimed in that she would be glad to walk the girls over (the next street over from us) and stay with them and walk them home. Hmmmm . . .Earl and I looked at each other and silently questioned each other on whether we felt comfortable with this. We decided . . . “Why not?”

So, we ended up leaving about 3:45ish and Emily cooked dinner AND walked the girls to piano while David entertained Jonathan here at the house until the girls got back at 6:30. They ate dinner, cleaned up the house, popped popcorn and watched a little “Shaun the Sheep” and then got ready for bed. When we got home, the house was all cleaned up and everyone was in bed asleep. I still marvel at this! It seems unreal. But I am enjoying it and so grateful to the Lord for those whom He lovingly placed in our lives early on to give us a vision for this. And I’m grateful for the children He’s blessed us with . .. I love them “terribly so” and think they have all been the BEST GIFTS!

By the way . . . the movie was great too.

And the dinner was delicious.

And my man is also the most amazing. Sweet times!



I love Sunday afternoons in the fall.

This past Sunday, it turned a little chilly as the sun got ready to set. I was in the kitchen fixing dinner and the rest of the family was just relaxing doing quiet activities and enjoying some down time or alone time. I noticed David sitting in the recliner reading and thought, “He looks so comfortable and cozy.”  The next time I looked over, I noticed Jonathan had climbed up with him and had gotten David to read one of the Thanksgiving books to him that we had just put out, even though Jonathan can read it himself. Now they both looked so cozy. I couldn’t resist running for the camera!



David and Jonathan have a very special relationship. I’m so grateful for it, and in awe of the God who has given it.

The other day, I noticed that Jonathan had gone over and asked David for help with his spelling lesson instead of asking me. Again, I had to run for the camera to capture the moment. They are so very comfortable with each other!


Barbara said…
Lovely, random thoughts, indeed. And, wonderful pictures, too.
Abby said…
sweet moments to capture. Last Friday night we left our 12 yr. old home for the first time @ night to watch the younger two (6 & 2). She fed them dinner, watched a movie w/them, and put them AND herself to bed. She too has told me "Take your time, mom, so I can have time to clean up around here!" LOVE it. I'm grateful!
The day has yet to arrive where the in-between boys can be left as well, but Lord willing ONE day!

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