Closing This Chapter

For those of you who have been following our story about Annie's health,
fear not . . .this is not another go at a sweat test.
This was Annie being silly this past Sunday morning when it began raining and we had
a little time before church.

But speaking of sweat tests,
we had our follow-up appointment with CHOC today
and it went as Earl and I had hoped.
Annie just doesn't fit into the Cystic Fibrosis category
and without doing the expensive genetic testing
there is no way of proving if she indeed has a CF gene mutation.

When asked how she could test positive and then negative two weeks later,
the doctor said that they questioned the lab on this and that the lab said they've only had 2-3 other cases like this within the past year and they have no explanation.

Since Annie is not exhibiting any symptoms and is well, we were told that we do not need to pursue any further CF testing and that we should go back to our referring doctor and continue exploring other GI possibilities.
However, for now we are taking a breather.
Annie has a well-check this month (she turns 9 on the 19th!) with her pediatrician,
and assuming that no one gets sick,
we are hoping to be done with doctor appointments for this year.

How grateful we are that Annie seems healthy right now.
How grateful we are that we have not been asked to walk down that difficult road.
How grateful we are for family and friends who have stormed the gates of heaven on our behalf.
How grateful we are to know that our God has been and is and will be faithful to lead and guide us, no matter how difficult the roads may be in the future.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, everyone!

P.S. Not to be left out, Jonathan got all "gussied" up too.


Diane Bartsoch said…
So glad to hear that CF has been ruled out! Praising and thanking God with you!
Diana Hodson said…
Good news. Thanks for the update. Once again God has shown His wonderful grace upon the Miles Family. Thank Jesus!!

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