How Far We’ve Fallen!

That was what Earl said when I showed him the photos I took of Jonathan yesterday. And we both laughed.

How often did we let our oldest, or 2nd born, or 3rd born or 4th born STAND on the kitchen counter?? (I didn’t even realize he was doing this until I turned around and saw how “into” his work he had gotten.)

Jonathan is definitely the “baby” and we have definitely “lightened up” a bit as parents. It has given us all much more to smile about and laugh over. What’s a little counter cleaner when it’s all done? No big deal, Jan, and it made for some sweet memories.


(I had cut the lid off of the pumpkin and Jonathan was given the job of scraping out the seeds so we could toast them yesterday. Yummm!)


That's funny, our #5 sits on our bar counter to eat when we all sit around it on stools. She stays put & still, and we're out of stools for her to sit in. Yes, things to happen w/#5 that would've never happened w/#1! Cute pictures! Miss you!

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