Christmas Preparations

It’s funny  . . . I’m writing this post 3 days AFTER Christmas. But things were so busy before Christmas that there just wasn’t the time. Why do I blog at all? It’s really so that our family will have a record of our year. We think we won’t forget, but we do. How often we’ve looked back over past blog posts from years ago and exclaimed, “Look how little you were!’ or “I remember when we built that.”

So, this Christmas was fun. Every year I try and keep things simple and low-key, but as usual the days just keep getting more and more busy. We filled our days with baking and shopping and decorating and playing. And we were able to fit in a few evenings to watch some Christmas shows.

David and Jonathan helped Earl get our house lights up.




The coveted Christmas job is to get to set up the nativity set. One must use extra care when unwrapping the figures and placing them on the piano. They were handmade by my great-Grandmother and were passed down to me.


This year, Emily and David put up the artificial tree all by themselves!

They even got the lights put on.




Then, it was time to go down memory lane and sort through all of the ornaments . . .





Jonathan got the job of climbing up on Earl’s shoulders to put the angel on the top of the tree. It was then we discovered he was afraid of heights. Ha! He was a good sport and everyone encouraged him on. They had a little trouble getting her straight and all, but eventually she was sitting pretty, as they say.




We did a lot of baking. We made two batches of “Crock Pot Candy”. We made 16 loaves of Christmas bread. We made about 6 pans of toffee. And we made 3 pans of fudge.


We then boxed it all up and handed them out to neighbors.



We also spent some time at my mom’s in Irvine. We helped her get her tree and the kids decorated it and all and we made her some pretty wreaths for her kitchen and just enjoyed a wonderful day together.










So . . . that is what kept us busy leading up to Christmas.

As we awaited the Day of Celebration, we busied ourselves in enjoying the relationships around us and surrounding ourselves with many reminders of the sweetness of the Lord’s faithfulness to us in keeping His promises.

We hope your days of preparation were enjoyable as well!


Diana Hodson said…
Fun, Jan! Thanks for sharing!

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