Christmas! (Part 2)


Christmas Day dawned glorious . . . as does every Sunday with the hope of going to gather with the Body of Christ and worship the One who has given us all things in Christ!

We stuck to our annual tradition of starting the morning off with our longed-for “Christmas Bread” and egg casserole. We wanted the day to be a celebration and so we invited some friends to come celebrate with us along with my mom who of course was coming to share the day with us. The morning was busy getting everyone ready and and setting the table for the lunch to be had when we got home – knowing that everyone was going to be “starving” after church.


Finally, we were all ready to go! We had been given some money for the kids and we spent some of it to get them some new “spiffy, dressy, clothes”. They were very excited to go to church in their “new look”.




The girls had done a very nice job decorating the table and we were able to eat fairly shortly after coming home. It was a nice day with friends and family.





After we ate, we had a Skype call with Earl’s mom and sister back in Louisiana. They had sent the kids some gifts and so we decided to try and Skype so they could see them open them. It was crazy but fun!



Some very generous friends of ours have loaned us their portable keyboard for the kids to use while their kids grow up. This way, we can get a better feel for what we may want to “buy” one day if the kids stick with the piano lessons (which we’re pretty confident they will). Anyway, we couldn’t just “give” it to them. We wrote clues and hid it in our closet and made them find it. It was a “gift” of sorts, and they LOVED it! (We’ve already got beautiful music wafting through our home!)


The rest of the day was spent enjoying each other and enjoying God’s blessings. After everyone went home, we all got ready for bed, cleaned up the house, popped some popcorn and watched our favorite Christmas movie . . .

The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey”.

It was a long but very enjoyable day.

As I closed the day, I read in my devotional by C. H. Spurgeon the following quote:

“Amid the cheerfulness of household gatherings it is easy to slide into sinful levities and to forget our character as Christians. It should not be so. but our days of feasting are seldom days of sanctified enjoyment. They frequently degenerate into unholy mirth. There is joy that is as pure and sanctifying as though one bathed in the rivers of Eden. Holy gratitude should be just as purifying an emotion as grief. Unfortunately, the house of mourning often encourages spiritual growth more than the house of feasting. Believer, in what have you sinned today? Have you been forgetful of your high calling? Have you filled your conversation with idle words and loose speeches? Then confess the sin, and hurry to the sacrifice. . . . This is the best ending of Christmas day – to wash anew in the cleansing fountain. Believer, come to this sacrifice every night. to live at the altar is the privilege of the royal priesthood. Sin, great as it is, is no reason for despair. If you draw near to Jesus and confess your faults, He will cleanse your conscience from dead works.”

I’m grateful that our family lives in the light of the Christmas truth every day, all year long. It’s not a new celebration for us. In fact, it’s a challenge to make the truth new and fresh and applicable each week and every day. How blessed we are. How rich we’ve been made. How much we have to rejoice in!

For unto us a Savior has been born who is Christ the Lord!


Abby said…
yay for the keyboard! Your kids will have such fun and I'm so glad they are getting to learn to play. Your kids looked so grown up in their dressy clothes!

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