A Restful Day

This morning, I woke up to rain.
I also woke up remembering that since Earl and I had had a late night last night, we decided to forgo the exercise this morning and get a little extra sleep - since we've both been fighting fatigue lately.
I rolled over a little after eight and grabbed my biography of Ann Judson that I've been reading and read a little and dozed a little, read a little - you get the idea.
It was a wonderful morning.
Pretty soon I heard a knock on my door and in came David with breakfast on a tray!!
The Miles men had concocted this plan to serve the Miles ladies breakfast in bed this Saturday morning!
We were extremely blessed.

After getting ready for the day,
Molly and I tackled our planned project of covering our four blue pillows that went with the couch we just recently recovered.

Here's what they looked like before:

Molly worked very diligently and well on sewing straight seams. I did all of the cutting out and pinning together. Molly sewed the seams.

I also worked on sewing around the corners, since we rounded them.

And when we were done, they looked like this:

We only have two more to go!


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