Behind the Scenes - UPDATED!!

There is a story behind these photos.

I’ll tell you soon . . .



So . . . if I show you the next few photos . . . will you be able to figure out the story?

David, ever the GREAT sport, allowed me to take some photos this morning as he got his braces put on. He, of course, was joking around with me as I took this last one - he cracks me up!

We also saw a friend and his mom from church at the ortho this morning and had to snap a few shots as well.

So, now you know the story of the first 3 photos, right?

That's it. David was simply enjoying his last pizza crust without having to cut it in tiny bites, and his last huge glass of soda for awhile.

Congratulations, David! The time will zoom by and before you know it, you'll be getting them off and enjoying all your favorites again, unhindered.

Love you!


Hope said…
...What? Explain soon! =P

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