Valentine’s Day


We normally don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day to any great extreme. It’s something that we do every once in awhile when “things come up”.

This year, since joining a homeschool support group, Jonathan’s and Annie’s class were doing a Valentine’s Party and passing out valentine cards to each other after passing out valentines to the elderly at a nursing home. So, they got to make a LOT of valentines along with decorated bags to collect them in. It took a lot of time and I think we all got in the mood.

Here are the Valentine cards they made for their friends (I got the idea from Family Fun Magazine):

DSC_0005 (2)DSC_0006 (2) DSC_0008 (2)DSC_0009 (2)

On Valentine’s Day morning, Earl bought the kids donuts and we opened up our cards.






Then that morning, while they did school and during my breaks, I made some special desserts for later that night.



Earl had planned something fun for the two of us to do (it was a surprise for me!), and so I planned another scavenger hunt for the kids where they had to follow red cut-out hearts with clues on them like, “Your love is like warm air blowing through my hair.” (That one led them to my hair dryer.) They finally found the dessert and enjoyed the rest of the evening.

So, where did Earl take me?


We ended up meeting some friends (surprise for both of us wives!!) at a dinner show called Medieval Times. It was really fun! We ate our whole meal with our hands and watched a medieval show with knights, horses, kings and princesses. We waved our pennants and cheered our knights and . . . .wished our kids could have been there. (True!) It was very fun indeed and so romantic that our men had planned all of it for us.

Like I said, we don’t normally celebrate Valentine’s Day up big, so I had just gotten Earl a card. But he surprised me again when we got home with a beautiful necklace and declared his love for me again as he does so many times EVERY DAY of EVERY year.

DSC_0051              DSC_0070

When Valentine’s Day comes around each year, we LOVE to celebrate the love that we have been shown by God through so many blessings and through the many relationships we have. How truly blessed and fortunate we are! Hope you also had a wonderful day celebrating the love you’ve been shown and the love you’ve been privileged to bestow!

“We love because He first loved us!”


Diana Hodson said…
Our husbands are the best. God has truly been good to us. Sounds like you had a great time.
Barbara said…
Awww... what a great Valentine's Day! Love the cute cards with the stickers. :-)

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