I LOVE Surprises!


Look what I found under my pillow last night!!

Tuesday, I had taken Molly and David to Barnes and Noble because they both had gift certificates they wanted to spend. I was tired, so when I saw this book, I grabbed it, located a bench and just enjoyed the beautiful photos, witty instructions and delicious ideas.

When we got home I raved and raved about how fun the book was.

Well, as I was pulling back the covers last night to climb into bed, I found this book, tied up with a ribbon and a note that read “ I love you, my pioneer woman!”. After screaming in delight and giving Earl a huge hug and kiss, I said, “Oh, I am so not a pioneer woman.”

Now, I have to let you in on a little history, because he replied, “O yes you are. Every time we have company, you boldly go where no other sane woman would go!” If I don’t give you a little background, you won’t know what that meant. You see, when we first got married, it would stress Earl out to no end that every time we had company for dinner it seemed to him like I was trying a new recipe. When he finally spoke his mind one day, “Why do you do that?!” I reminded him that I didn’t know HOW to cook, so everything was new. I doubted very much that our guests would enjoy oatmeal or pureed baby food or p, b & j sandwiches!

Well, I have added to my stash of “favorite dishes” over the past 16 years and  I think I can now hold my own among cooking housewives. But I still like to experiment. Like this past weekend. We had company. Two delightful folks, husband and wife, that we had never met. We were going to interview them and then serve them lunch (I will tell you about THAT wonderful time in another post). I decided to fix a white chili that I could let sit while we visited and then that would be ready to go at lunch time. I started it early in the morning and by the time our guests arrived, it was smelling so savory. I was glad because it was a . . . new recipe. We were all anticipating a deliciousness that would be truly amazing. Well, as we sat down to eat, talking the whole time, I took my first bite and realized that it tasted less than savory. There was much less flavor than I anticipated. Hmmmm . . . but the conversation was going steadily and I was much distracted and no one said ANYTHING about the food, so it left my thoughts. Until the next day. I asked Earl if the chili tasted bland to him. He said yes. Then we both just shook our heads and laughed. Another “new recipe” with another “new” couple.

I’m glad he can laugh about it now. He loves me so much (I remind him of this often!). And it is my prayer that I will continue to grow in my cooking and continue to add to my “company favorites”. (I’m not giving up on this one . .. just a little more tweeking is all it needs . . . )

So, that is the history behind his note. But oh did the girls and I have fun drooling over the recipes this morning, trying to pick something to try on a Saturday morning soon. I’ll let you know how it goes!


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