2012 Presentation Night


This year, our family joined up with a homeschool support group in Irvine. We meet with them on Friday mornings for special classes. Jonathan and Annie are in a class together and they have studied topics such as musical instruments, Jewish feasts, and science classifications. David and Molly are in a class together and they have done a book study together, visited the library, looked at CA history, and the history of film in CA. Emily is in a class where right now they are conducting a “gavel club” group. Her class has also been involved in service projects throughout the year that she has thoroughly enjoyed. It has been a really good fit for our family. And we get to spend some more time at Grandma’s since we meet right by her house.

Well, this past Friday night, we got to attend our first Presentation Night with them. It is a time for each student to practice speaking in front of a large group for 1-2 minutes. We saw lots of creativity. Since this was our first time and we really didn’t know what to expect or what to do, we chose to have all the kids do something together. They ended up imitating a Christian comedian’s skit where he tells the story of the Three Little Pigs as it might have been told during Shakespeare’s day.

Here is part of their performance:

We were very proud of them and had such  wonderful time! They are already talking about what they want to do next year as they really enjoyed all of the different presentations and got lots of good ideas.



Abby said…
That's awesome, Jan. We saw that guy do it live at a Tim Hawkins event a few months ago. Pretty crazy! Your dramatic kids did AMAZING! They obviously memorize quite well! (a few of mine need a few lessons in that memorizing thing!) Your boys are so dramatic too, so FUN to watch! Tell them they did a great job!

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