For the Love of Horses!

Molly has a love for horses.

So, we have endeavored to frequent our nearby equestrian center on a weekly basis in hopes of making some friends and perhaps making some connections that might help her get a job there in a few years.

Meet some of our friends . . .


They are all so unique and sweet.

We have been blessed so much just in the last week (since embarking on our project), at how the Lord is answering our prayers. Every time we have gone, we have met the nicest people who have invited us to pet their horse, etc. We are not allowed to pet the horses or feed them unless we have permission and it is so hard. They are so friendly and seem just as interested in us as we are in them. They hang their heads out of their enclosures and whinny, etc. just begging us to come and pet them. So it is really nice when we actually get to.


We are trusting the Lord with Molly’s dreams . . .


Hope said…
Love this! I am really glad Molly is enjoys horses so much. =) They are beautiful animals! =)

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