Neglected Celebratory Posts


We’ve had some celebrations lately, but life has been so busy that I’ve been negligent in posting about them. But the photos bring back some good memories, so I thought I’d share.

In March . . . we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day. We usually don’t, but I took the opportunity to look again at the life of Saint Patrick and work in some geography and some fun diversion activities for Molly, Annie, and Jonathan.

During the week before, we made pistacio pudding. Why? Because it was green and because my kids had never had it. Jonathan immediately thought it smelled weird. (I couldn’t smell it at all at that point.) They all took mini spoonfuls and . . . . decided they didn’t like it. Oh well. (Actually, Em and David ate a dish.)

DSC_0055DSC_0076DSC_0069 (2)DSC_0073

So, then it was on to making authentic Irish soda bread. Yeast would not work with the wheat that grew in Ireland, so they had to come up with this tasty flat bread recipe. This turned out much better. My kids are so addicted to bread!


Then on Friday, after our Academy Day, we all went out for Shamrock Shakes . . .


Saturday morning, I woke up and made everyone “green eggs and ham”. David and Jonathan were my early risers, so they tested it out with me while the others snoozed.


I know . . . not too appetizing, huh? But it was fun and it all tasted good.


Sunday evenings, we usually try to do a special dessert, so the girls helped me to make rainbow cupcakes. It was a lot of work, but a lot of fun too.


And they were delicious!


Also, that same month, we celebrated Molly’s birthday. She turned 11!

During the week prior, while taking the other siblings shopping for birthday gifts, Molly and I hung out and did a little shopping of our own.


Then we celebrated her day with donuts,


and specially-made cards, and carefully chosen gifts.


Then we ended a fun and long day with a delicious cake!


Happy birthday, Miss Molly!! We love you!


This past weekend, we celebrated Easter. It’s one of my most favorite celebrations!

We celebrated at church where we were once again reminded of why we believe in the Resurrection and why the report of Jesus rising from the dead changes EVERYTHING! So good!

Then we came home to get the food ready. We were starving!

The kids wanted to have a colorful table and begged me to let them food color the food. I’ve been saying no to this for years, but finally this year gave in.


So, we had blue mashed potatoes! I tell ya, they looked just like the play dough I use to make for the kids when they were small.




The butter . . .well, it was supposed to be purple. Then Molly and I settled for pink. Yes, it’s pink. Look closely. It’s pink.


Notice how nice and colorful our plates were. Just like colored eggs!



Then my mom read us one of her favorite books. And we all listened intently.



And when the day was over, I crashed. Exhausted. Beyond consciousness. But full of good memories!

Happy Spring, everyone!

We hope and pray that you are all enjoying the warming weather and the coming of summer vacation. (I know THIS homeschooling mother is!)


Hope said…
Wow!! You have all been very busy! But I good sort of busy. =)
I just gotta say, those cupcakes look delicious! I can imagine how must work they must have been, though.
Easter was definitely a wonderful day, and a good reminder of all the love Christ Jesus showed us by dying on the cross, and rising from the dead!
SevenPilgrims said…
Oh, Hope . . . it was wonderful having you get to spend Easter afternoon with us. And thanks for helping with the dishes and listening to Grandma's story. You're a trooper!
Bekka said…
Thanks for sharing, Mrs. Miles! It's very fun to see these blue mashed taters like you mentioned. Very fun stuff!

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