Believe it or not, school has taken place this year.

Here is a video that Emily and David put together for a history project a few months back that demonstrated the "melodrama" of the 1920's.


The kids got to participate in several service projects this year with our homeschool support group.
This one was with Voice of the Martyrs.

Molly and Jonathan and Annie interviewed a missionary couple who served with Wycliffe Bible Translators in Asia for over 30 years.

Molly and Annie and Jonathan and I enjoyed studying Anatomy and Physiology together.

Here is Emily giving her first speech at her Gavel Club meeting:

David and Emily like to help each other on their science experiments. This year, Emily studied Physical Science and anything that involves explosions usually gets everyone watching and wanting to help.

Jonathan does not need to be coaxed to read . . .

As the kids and I studied the role of the lens of the eye, we got to burn holes in paper with a magnifying glass . . . (Can't believe I actually SHOWED my kids how to do this!)

Those are the FUN times. We've had our share of just digging our noses in to the books and straining our brains to write and figure and put things together. But they've hung in there this year, and despite the challenges . . . the LORD has seen us safely through . . once again.

Nine more weeks, Kids!

We can do it!!


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