I know that I am a blessed woman.

I have a God who delights to do exceedingly above all that I can think to ask for and who walks with me intimately through life’s pathways.

I have a husband who loves me and considers me his best friend (and I him).

And I have the 5  best kids in the world.

Since Mother’s Day falls on a Sunday and we are busy all day Sundays, our family chose to celebrate it a little today. David got up at 6am to cook me breakfast. And what a breakfast it was! Strawberry French Toast!


Oh, it was so good! It tasted MUCH sweeter than it looked. Inside was a cream cheese/strawberry mixture. The “sauce” was maple syrup and strawberry puree cooked over medium heat until thickened. YUMMMM!

So, I enjoyed a leisurely morning reading and editing photos while listening to cello music and enjoying my coffee and french toast. Actually, usually on mornings like this, they leave me alone and make me stay in my room all by myself, but this morning Molly felt sorry for me and joined me while I ate. It was a very special time. I love my “Molly chats” lately.

Then . . . they all filed in bearing gifts. So fun!


I had an uncle in town who was coming to spend the afternoon with us, so we got the house ready and enjoyed a  nice visit with “Uncle Cliff”.

Then for dinner . . . Emily made homemade pizza . . . cheese for the rest of the family and a fancy BBQ chicken one with extra veggies for her and I.


See? I told you. I’ve got the BEST kids ever.

And I was thinking today. For me, when asked how I want to celebrate Mother’s Day, I usually don’t really want a day of not being a mother . . . not cleaning, cooking, working, etc. I don’t want to have to stay in my room alone, or go out for a day away by myself, or watch my family do all my chores for me. What really blesses me is to just be with my family, doing the very things that God has gifted and enabled me to do and to be appreciated for doing those things. And that appreciation . . . well, it just makes the “work” all the more enjoyable. It really does!

So, thank you, Earl and Emily and David and Molly and Annie and Jonathan for making being a mother so enjoyable and so fun and so “worth it”. Not all days are fun, I know, and we definitely have our moments (thanks for your abundant patience on my “not-so-fun” days). But oh, I do think that we have been given more than a fair share of fun times together. I love you all

(Now tomorrow . . . I get to take MY mom out for a fun time together. Looking forward to THAT!)


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