Birthday Preparations

Jonathan turned 7 this past April. When you’re 7, you get a party. It’s usually the first party our kids remember since their last one was when they were 4. (We do “parties” every 3 years . . .4, 7, 10, 13, 16, etc.)
Jonathan decided he wanted a knight-themed party. Boy, did we come up with a bunch of ideas! And the whole family got in on the preparations – for weeks. Our house was a mess. I counted it as “home economics” training for the kids’ schooling.
We cut out tons of red initials.
DSC_0084 (2)
We traced and cut out red crosses for the front of the tunics for the boys.
DSC_0086 (2)DSC_0093 (2)DSC_0094 (2)
Jonathan helped David create “boulders” from rolled up newspaper and masking tape.
DSC_0083 (2)
David then spray-painted them gray.
DSC_0112 (2)
Emily and Molly helped with formatting and wording the certificates of “knighthood” to be presented to the boys during the party.
DSC_0087 (2)
Molly and Annie painted our “jousting rings”.
DSC_0099 (2)
DSC_0101 (2)
Emily and Annie helped make the pennants that we used to decorate with.
 DSC_0118 (2)DSC_0127 (2)
David helped make a very cool shield out of foam board. We then spray-painted it gray and put a red cross on the front.
DSC_0122 (2)
Molly sewed little red draw-stringed bags for the boys to keep their gold coins in which they earned throughout the party.
DSC_0125 (2)DSC_0126 (2)
Here’s Jonathan modeling the finished no-sew flannel tunics I made for each of the boys attending.
Christie Sanders came over one night and lended her hand. She and Molly created some beautiful “ribbon halos” for the little girls attending the party.
The night before the party, the kids had fun trying out the jousting game.
The “contestant” sat on a stick horse, in the wagon, which was pulled quickly down the yard. They had to put their stick through the yellow ring while “on the go”!
Emily, David and Earl helped cut and assemble the “snack” boxes the night before. By this time we are ready to be done. (We even had Grandma working hard whenever she came over, but I just realized we don’t have any photos of her and the girls working hard together. Rats!)
Coming next . . .
photos of the festivities!


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