Summer Inspiration

Summer time is always the time I like to organize cupboards, bookcases, etc. Don’t we all? I also like to involve the kids as much as I can to break up the “lazies” of whole days spent at home.

Today, I gave Molly and Annie the job of sorting through our game bookshelf and game chest. I gave them vision on how to organize and told them to weed out those things they thought we could get rid of.

As I listen to them talk while working, I also am realizing that by having them involved in this process, they are “finding” things that they “can do this summer”. They are remembering some games they have forgotten about. Yay!

Also, while sorting through our “non-fiction bookcase last night, I found myself saying some familiar words, “Oh, we haven’t ever read this book. But it would be so good! But they never see it here.” It’s so hard to get rid of good books, but it’s also hard to get the kids to read them sometimes. Well, the Lord gave me some inspiration and Earl agreed it would be a good thing to try. I grabbed a box and started putting in it books from the shelf that I thought the younger kids might enjoy reading. My plan is to have a period of “alone reading time” on the days we’re home, just like we used to do, but got away from. The kids will be asked to choose from the “non-fiction” box until they have read all of them. Then we’ll switch them out for new ones.  I’ll let you know how it goes . . . .


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